Homes created from the heart
Two cosy and high quality apartment buildings, with low utility expenses and everything you need located within a stone’s throw, are being built along the edge of Harku manor park!

Warm and happy living environment for people, both big and small

  • Harku, with its 600 residents, is a safe and quiet small town
  • Fresh air and lots of greenery
  • Located nearby are nature trails, the manor park and Mõisajärv
  • A spacious yard along with big terraces
  • A place where children can scurry about in the yard until late in the evening
  • According to local tales, crucian carp can even be found in the waters of Mõisajärv. You never know. It might even be true.

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Energy efficient and close to everything

  • Family apartments are equipped with energy efficient utility systems
  • Apartments range in size from 57.7-75.9 m²
  • Comfortable underfloor water heating
  • Apartment-based heat recovery ventilation system
  • Some 3-room apartments can be easily designed as 2-room apartments
  • Quick connection to the city centre
  • Nursery school and library located on the adjacent plot
  • Shop and public transport stop nearby, busy school bus schedule

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