Mõisapark family apartments
A warm and happy living environment – one that is perfect for both adults and children – is being built next to Harku manor park.

Harku, with its 600 residents, is a quiet and secure small town located on the edge of Tallinn, with fresh air and plenty of greenery. Located within the immediate vicinity of the apartment buildings being built are the Harku forest nature trails, the majestic manor park and beautiful Mõisajärv, in which, according to local legend, a crucian carp can even be found. You never know. It might even be true.

This is an area where children can scurry about in the yard until late in the evening and parents can take a refreshing walk from right outside their door.

Three and four room Mõisapark family apartments are furnished with modern utility systems, and during the design stage it was taken into account that each family member would need their own room in which to stretch their mind and body.

Harku small town has excellent infrastructure – located alongside family apartments are a nursery school and library, with a shop and public transportation stop only a stone’s throw away. Each morning the school bus takes the children to Tabasalu Upper Secondary School and brings them home in the afternoon.

After an exhausting day at work and school, one can sit on the terrace and listen to the sounds of bird songs or enjoy a game of Gorodki with your children in the spacious yard.