Construction information

Loadbearing walls

The building's loadbearing walls will be erected using hollow concrete blocks with thicknesses of 190mm and 240mm.

Interior walls

Walls between apartments are reinforced concrete hollow blocks with a thickness of 240 mm. Interior apartment walls located between rooms will be in the form of gypsum lath mounted on a steel frame.


The building has triple-pane glazed windows and balcony doors, with selective glass used both inside and outside.


The building has a flat roof comprised of hollow-core slabs. The roof is insulated and covered with water resistant roll material.


All apartments have their own balcony or terrace. Balcony floors are covered with boarding. Balcony railings are steel with wooden ribs.


nterior stairs are made of pre-fabricated reinforced concrete. Exterior stairs will be built from monolithic reinforced concrete, the surface layer of which will be roughened in order to make it more slip-resistant and weather proof.


The selection of exterior finishing materials for the building is based on the dominant materials used in the neighbouring buildings. The building’s external appearance is inspired by modern Scandinavian residential architecture.


Apartments are equipped with a heat recovery ventilation system, which ensures the efficient use of energy and a healthy and high quality indoor climate. Each apartment has its own individual ventilation unit, which allows for the movement of air to be regulated within each apartment independently.

Heating system

All apartments have convenient and efficient piped underfloor heating, with the option to regulate the temperature independently in each room.

Interior finishing


Warm veneer parquet floors will be installed, depending on the package that is selected. Hallway, toilet, and bathroom floors will be tiled. You are free to choose the most pleasing tone from among the available selection of interior finishing packages.


The walls of wet rooms will be tiled and/or painted. Wall surfaces in rooms will be painted. Three different interior finishing packages let you choose the most suitable colour scheme.


Ceiling surfaces will be painted. In those areas where utility lines are found, a gypsum suspended ceiling, identical in colour to the rest of the ceiling, will be installed


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